The Southern Ohio District Export Council “Hot Market Watch” Event

April 4th, 2013 – Stellar Pride CEO Edmund Lee was invited to speak at the Southern Ohio District Export Council’s “Hot Market Watch Event.”  The event assessed the growing markets of Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, and India and provided resources for companies interested in expanding their businesses into any of these countries.  Keynote speakers included U.S. Embassy trade experts from each of these nations along with various business and organization leaders.

During Lee’s presentation, he gave personal insights and recommendations for businessmen and women interested in entering the South Korean market.  As a Korean-American who has spent over 20 years in South Korea, Lee provided an overview of the country’s market while also sharing from his first-hand experience.  In addition, Lee shared the results of a market entry survey of 27 companies’ experience in the South Korean market.  Each company provided insight into market strategy, marketing techniques, and some of the biggest challenges foreign businesses face.  Based on the survey data and his own personal experience, Lee presented several options for market entry depending on company size and experience.

Click here to view the PDF of Edmund’s presentation.

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